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17.08.1943 418th Bomber Squadron B-17F 42-30063 Capt. Knox Location: Near Kelmis West of Aachen Belgium
This reproduced page is from our first website. It is now listed for review and reconstruction to a new high standard, as with many such pages it holds inaccuracies created by an inappropriate cause to be disclosed.

Mission: Regensburg,  Germany

Date: 17th August 1943

Unit: No: 418nd Bomb Squadron. 100th Bomb Group (H)

Type: B17F ""Picklepuss""

Serial: 42-30063

Coded: LD-?

Location: Near Kelmis West of Aachen  Belgium

Pilot: Capt. Robert M Knox  0-438010  West Philadelphia  Pennsylvania Killed

Co Pilot: 2Lt. John O Whitaker     0-795031     Wheeling  West Virginia Killed

Navigator: 2Lt. Ernest E Warsaw   0-667431    Chicago  Illinois POW

Bombardier: 2Lt. Edwin F Tobin    0-732685  Newberry   California POW

Radio/Op:  T/Sgt. Walter Paulsen  12077723    Belleville New Jersey   POW Stalag 17B Braunau Gneikendorf Near Krems Austria

Engineer: S/Sgt. Glover E Barney  36125930  Portland Oregon POW

Ball Turrett: S/Sgt. Frank W Tychewicz   36344174  Chicago  Illinois Killed

Right Waist: Sgt. Alexander Markowski     12170779  Albany  New York Killed

Left Waist:  S/Sgt.  Joseph F Laspada       32035882   Buffelo  New York Killed

Tail: S/Sgt. Henry A Norton  14090803    Enterprice Alabama   Killed


The aircraft was named for Dorothy, wife of the pilot, Capt. Robert Knox as he nicknamed her "Pickelpuss". On August 17, 1943, the 481th squadron was the lead for the 100th Bomb Group which was assigned to bomb the Messerschmitt factory at Regensburg, Germany.
Shot down by  enemy fighters (Hauptmann Von Bonin,Oberleutnant Barte and Leutnant Witzke, the aircraft crashed at Herbesthal Lontzen  500 meters W Schmalgraf,near Kelmis W of Aachen  Belgium
Much has been written about the "Legend" of the 100th Bomb Group being "picked on" or singled out by the Luftwaffe for punishment because a 100th Group B 17 had, during the Regensburg raid, pulled out of formation with battle damage and then lowered its wheels in a supposed token of surrender. Then, when approached by several Luftwaffe fighter aircraft, its gunners were supposed to have opened fire and shot down several of the German planes. Crash time 11.40 Hrs. MACR 667
The Crew: Kneeling L-R: 2nd Lt. Edwin F. Tobin-BOM, Capt Robert M. Knox-Pilot, 2nd Lt. Ernest E. Warsaw-Nav, 2nd Lt. John O. Whitaker-CP.
Standing L-R: S/Sgt Frank W. Tychewicz-BTG, T/Sgt Carl T. Simon-TTE, T/Sgt Walter Paulsen-ROG, Unknown, S/Sgt Malcolm K. Maddran-WG, S/Sgt Joseph F. Laspada-WG, S/Sgt Henry A. Norton-TG, unknown
(Courtesy of 100th Bomb Group Foundation via Michel Beckers)

Hptm. Eckart-Wilhelm Von Bonin (Courtesy Ron Putz via Michel Beckers)

Grave of Cpt. Robert Knox (Courtesy of 100th Bomb Group Foundation via Michel Beckers)
Burial Details:

The six dead were interred at the Cemetery of Honour, Eupen in Section 16, Graves 218, 219, 220, 221, 222 and 232.
Researched by Michel Beckers for the A.R. Society.
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